Genesis PURE™ launches first-to-market, first-of-its-kind certified USDA organic essential oil collection. 

New product offering creates innovative market segment with the official stamp of USDA organic certification

Dallas, Texas, February 24th, 2014 – Genesis PURE™, the leader in natural health, set a standard for essential oil companies around the globe when they introduced an innovative 100% PURE and 100% organic essential oils line at their Genesis PURE Across North America Event. Over 14,000 people attended the event that extended into nineteen cities across the United States and Canada. Instantly, the social networking world was abuzz with the news of this ground-breaking Organic Essential Oils Collection.

Founder and formulator, Dr. Lindsey Duncan took to the stage in St. Louis, Missouri to announce the new products during an evening portion of the event. “Genesis PURE is committed to bringing you products that are unmatched in quality and efficacy. This essential oils line is the most pure form of essential oils available in the world and I am so proud to share them with you now,” Duncan stated. He went on to say, “My commitment level to making Genesis PURE a household brand is higher today that it has ever been. I’m so proud of our global IBOs [independent business owners] that boldly share these products daily.”

Genesis PURE also made outstanding improvements to its Youth Renew skin care line. They launched a new scrub as part of the compilation, while highlighting ingredients that align with the company’s core, all-natural ingredient philosophy. Brooks Gordon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Genesis PURE, beamed with excitement following the announcement. “We are a company on the rise and are so proud of our unique product offering built around Dr. Lindsey’s ‘Cleanse, Balance, Build, and LOVE’ philosophy,” Gordon stated. He added, “Dr. Lindsey’s formulas are often imitated, but never duplicated. We have the best in the business.”

Both of the newly announced products lines were immediately made available exclusively through Genesis PURE’s US and Canadian distribution networks. Earlier this year, Duncan launched the organic essential oils line to the Japan market at a grand opening event in Tokyo. 

About Genesis PURE:

Genesis PURE ( launched in October of 2009 with a vision to share superior nutrition and true opportunity with the world. Genesis PURE's product lines are unmatched in quality, efficacy, and bioavailability, and branded by a philosophy of "Cleanse, Balance, Build, and LOVE". Powerful products, combined with a generous compensation plan, are helping people around the globe enhance both physical and financial health. Genesis PURE currently operates in a number of international markets. At Genesis PURE, pure is more than a name. Comprised of a seasoned management team committed to upholding the company's impeccable reputation, the business is built on pure intentions with pure ingredients, quality, and loyalty.